Alpha 500 Hunting Knife
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Alpha 500 Hunting Knife

Backwoods 650 Tracker Knife
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Backwoods 650 Tracker Knife


Red Duck Hunting Knives

Our collection of hunting knives boasts an extraordinary variety of blade styles, ensuring that you not only find
the perfect tool for your cutting needs but also experience a new level of precision, functionality, and

Variety in Blade Styles

Our knives boast a variety of exceptional blade materials, each chosen for its unique properties.

  • High-Carbon Stainless Steel: Experience the cutting-edge performance of our high-carbon stainlesssteel blades. Known for their durability and corrosion resistance, these blades maintain their sharpnesseven through heavy use, ensuring a long-lasting, reliable edge.
  • Damascus Steel Elegance: For those who appreciate both performance and aesthetics, our Damascus steel knives are a true delight. Meticulously crafted through layering and forging techniques, these blades offer exceptional sharpness and durability while showcasing stunning wavy patterns that make each knife a work of art.
  • San Mai Damascus: Discover the synergy of beauty and durability with San Mai Damascus, a fusion of core Damascus and exterior Stainless Steel. This unique blend capitalizes on the strengths of both steels – the inner layer ensures hardness and exceptional sharpness, while the outer Stainless Steel provides corrosion resistance. The resulting wavy blade pattern becomes a testament to the layers, revealed during finishing. 
  • Stainless Steel Damascus: Experience the artistry of Stainless Steel Damascus, a blend of stainless-steel alloys meticulously treated during forging. This process weaves a distinct pattern, inheriting corrosion resistance and durability from stainless steel. Celebrated for its beauty, this steel type stands out for its exceptional properties – hardness, sharpness, and top-notch corrosion resistance. Hand-forged and handmade, each knife in this collection is a crafted brilliance.

Knife Handle Materials

A knife is only as good as its handle, and at Red Duck Knives, we prioritize both comfort, style, and durability. Our handles are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during extended use while resisting heavy wear and tear.

  • G-10 Handles: Choose durability with G-10 handles, known for their robustness and resistance to moisture and chemicals. These handles offer a secure grip and long-lasting performance, making them an excellent choice for both professional chefs and home cooks.
  • Wood Handles: Experience the warmth and natural beauty of wood handles. Each wood type is carefully selected for its unique grain pattern, creating a handle that not only feels comfortable but also adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.
  • Micarta and Canvas Micarta Handles: For a blend of style and durability, our Micarta and Canvas Micarta handles are a perfect choice. Made from layers of linen or paper soaked in resin, Micarta handles provide a secure grip and boast a distinctive appearance and outstanding durability.

Exceptional Leather Sheaths

Enhance your knife-carrying experience with our all-leather sheaths. These sheaths are crafted for easy and secure carry, featuring unique hammered patterns and designs. Designed with comfort and long wear in mind, our leather sheaths complement the quality and style of our knives.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Behind every Red Duck knife is a team of skilled craftsmen dedicated to
creating knives that exceed expectations. From the forging of the blade to the final polishing, our knives undergo a meticulous process to ensure perfection in every detail.

Companion for a Lifetime

Investing in a Red Duck Hunting Knife means investing in an outdoor companion for a lifetime. Our knives are built to last, delivering consistent performance year after year. Whether you’re a dedicated hunter or a camping enthusiast, our knives are designed to enhance your outdoor adventures.

Red Duck Hunting Knives represent a fusion of precision, exceptional materials, ergonomic design, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Elevate your outdoor experience with knives that go beyond cutting – they become an extension of your passion for adventure!