We believe quality, variety, and durability are the hallmarks of Red Duck Knives!

Red Duck Knives - Where Craftsmanship Meets Quality!

Hi, let me tell you about Red Duck Knives. We make high-quality blades that anyone, whether you're hardworking, an enthusiast, or an everyday user, can count on.

So, it all started in 2019 when my son Jake and I decided to kick off Red Duck Knives. We're not some big corporation; we're just a family-owned business with a lot of love for knives. And we've over 30 years of retail experience between us, so we know what's what.

We've built this killer retail knife merchandising program. It's not just about selling knives; it's about solving problems. We've helped over 63,000 folks through our 250+ retailers find the right blade for everyday use, outdoor adventures, survival situations, you name it. We've got something for everyone.

Now, here's the deal. We've gone to Pakistan to partner up with the best knife-making families. These folks have been making blades for generations, and they're all about quality. We've got all sorts of knives from Stainless Steel to Damascus, San Mai Damascus, and Stainless-Steel Damascus. You won't find better quality for the price anywhere else.

And the best part? We used to only work with retailers, but now we're bringing our awesome knives directly to you, no matter where you are in the country. Whether you're a chef looking for a killer kitchen knife or someone who needs a reliable blade out in the wild, Red Duck Knives has your back. It's all about quality and craftsmanship, a promise we'll always keep.