We believe quality, variety, and durability are the hallmarks of Red Duck Knives!

Red Duck Knives: Where Every Knife is an Adventure!

Hi Knife Enthusiast,

Step into the down-to-earth world of Red Duck Knives, where the real magic happens thanks to our tag team – John and Jake Graves. We've been riding this wave for over five solid years, and let me tell you, it's been a ride full of knives, creativity, and good vibes.

At Red Duck Knives, we aim to create knives that blend modern designs and features with old-school craftsmanship using specially selected artisans worldwide.

John and Jake, originally from the US and Canada, have backgrounds that shaped their paths. John's early years were immersed in the diverse cultures of more than 35 Indian tribes, turning his youth into a remarkable adventure. Each experience during this time added to his wealth of knowledge and influenced his unique approach to making knives.

In contrast, Jake's enthusiasm for camping, exploration, and rock climbing transformed him into a genuine adventurer. His love for the outdoors continuously improved his survival skills and deepened his understanding of what makes knives reliable in tough situations. 

Together, John and Jake bring a mix of cultural richness and outdoor spirit to Red Duck Knives. Every knife they make tells a story, turning them into more than just tools – they become companions on life's adventures.

Here at Red Duck Knives, we keep it real. Crafting with high-quality steels like Stainless Steel, Damascus, San Mai Damascus, Stainless Steel Damascus, and D2 tool steel is just our way of keeping it good and solid. We're all about that good stuff!

As more folks started loving our knives, John decided to try on a designer and marketer hat. We kicked off by wholesaling to over 250 retailers across 15 states. And guess what? Now, you can grab our knives straight from us! We're keeping it fresh with innovative designs and features while ensuring each knife keeps its unique charm.

A Big shout-out goes to our amazing customers who've been rolling with us. Your feedback is like music to our ears. Quality is our game; we've got your back with a personal guarantee on every piece. Seeing our knives stand the test of time and still holding their own? Now, that's what hits the spot!

Here's the scoop – Red Duck Knives, where knives are more than just tools; they're stories waiting to be shared. Our doors are wide open for you, so swing by, soak in the Red Duck Knives vibe, and let’s cook up some memorable knife stories together!